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Matthew Wellington

Entrepreneur & Behaviour Analyst

Helping people develop as people, leaders, and entrepreneurs using psychology and the behavioural sciences.

Meet Matthew

Matthew is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst, specialising in organisational behaviour management, consumer behaviours, and positive behaviour support.

He graduated from a BSc Psychology in 2016, followed by an MSc Behaviour Analysis and Therapy in 2018. He began his career in social care, supporting care organisations to implement positive behavioural support systems, completing behavioural assessments and designing behaviour change procedures for individuals with intellectual disabilities and autism.

Having a keen interest in business and marketing, Matthew then decided to use the same behavioural principles that he applied in social care settings, to staff teams and consumer behaviours. This sub-disclipline is known as Organisational Behaviour Management.

In addition to this, growing up without much money, Matthew has always had a keen interest in personal finance, and helping individuals move towards financial freedom. As a result, Matthew created to document his own journey towards financial freedom, and to support others to do the same.

Areas of Expertise

Positive Behaviour Support

An approach to care that focuses on increasing quality of life, and in turn, reducing episodes of behaviours of concern.

Applied Behaviour Analysis

A science that explains why people engage in behaviours, and how to methodologically change behaviour over time.

Organisational Behaviour Management

Supporting leaders to increase compliance behaviours and staff performance.

Sales Funnels

An efficient and streamlined website that considers the journey a customer goes through from start to finish, and the outcome they want to achieve.

Marketing Strategy

From understanding your organisation’s ideal customer to finding out where they are and how to get your products and services in front of them.

Personal Finance

Supporting individuals to increase their wealth, by investing and building online businesses, and achieving financial freedom.


Demystify Behaviour

Helping organisations foster more efficient staff teams, increase compliance and decrease unwanted behaviours using the science of behaviour, including organisational behaviour management and positive behaviour support systems. 

Develop Yourself

Helping individuals and professionals achieve financial independence by building and investing in online businesses, allowing people to take control of their own lives and leave behind the constraints of the rat race.

Develop as a Leader

Whether it’s using Behavioural Systems Analysis to ensure their organisations are aligned with their strategy, or performance management to get more out of your staff team and foster an amazing work environment, LeadBehaviourally can support you to use the science of behaviour to become a better leader.

Market Your Business

Helping professionals and small businesses build a following online, and market their businesses and services using consumer behaviour analysis and sales funnels.

Become a BCBA

I also support people looking to obtain the Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) credential to fulfil credential requirements and obtain this credential, as well as supporting them to become confident and competent behavioural practitioners, through in-person or remote supervision.

Latest Blog Posts

Find my latest blog posts below, where I explore different applications of behaviour analysis, theoretical underpinnings of the work I do, and updates on new developments and projects.

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